Shipping Solutions

When you have freight that needs to be shipped from one point to another point, we have solutions. We offer options for shipping freight via various modes of transportation, shipping categories, and availability of schedules across the United States. We are commitment to you.

Keeping Your Freight Moving

Our success in logistics management comes from good communication, leadership, organization, time management skills, the ability to interpret financial data and costs, our adherence to safety, and our willingness to be there for you if a problem arises from shipping freight. The bottom line – we have the experience and expertise to handle increasing complexity with tighter deadlines while saving you money.

Our eCommerce technology helps you synchronize the movement of freight, information, and funds in a way that adds value for your company and your products. Carter Logistics Services provides cost efficient and flexible transportation of freight with guaranteed satisfaction. We utilize our professional knowledge of the ever-changing logistics market and our positive long-lasting relationships with various transportation providers to ensure your freight ships safely and arrives on time, every time.

Transportation Options that Fit the Needs of Your Business

Carter Logistics Services specializes in full load transportation of dry goods for optimal handling and transit times. And if you don’t have a full truckload, we know you still want the benefits of less handling and faster transit times for your material goods. Carter’s partial truckload shipping allows your freight to stay on one truck for the duration of the transit time. You get single truck delivery so there is no reloading and less handling. Additionally, we offer intermodal rail transport for single shipments or bulk shipments, transportation services via air, ground or sea, and short-term or long-term storage for your warehousing needs.

eCommerce Tools for All Your Shipping Needs

When it comes to logistics, you want quick and easy. We have it. Our eCommerce tools offer online real-time data. Our eCommerce solutions are a must have in supply chain management. Our software is secure and reliable. If you are a shipper, you can get shipping done fast and accurately. Get rates and transit times. Track the status of your shipments. Manage projects and more. If you are a carrier, you can quickly see what loads are available. Book a load. Limit your wait with easy uploading of documents for approval and get material goods moving in minimal time.