Less Than Truckload

If you have a less than truckload (LTL), we can save you money by requiring the purchase of a full truck. These types of deliveries are based on dimensions. If a variety of companies in one region need to utilize this service, we pool all the cargo together to make a complete truckload. This way everyone wins. With our LTL service, we are able to customize your transport needs to fit your budget and not cut into your overhead.

Cost Effective and Efficient LTL Shipping

Carter Logistics Services can help drive value for you as a shipper. When you are shipping LTL freight, you have options that include thousands of LTL carriers. Our eCommerce solutions allow you to quickly and easily find the LTL carriers in your origin area and going to your destination.

Getting the Best Rates for Your LTL Freight Shipping

LTL is an affordable option, best suited for shipping smaller items to multiple locations, or for items needing special circumstances but where a definitive delivery time is not required.  While our full truckload (FTL) carriers move full containers or trucks of cargo from one customer, our LTL carriers move cargo from many different customers on one truck. We broker to LTL carriers who themselves specialize in different services such as lift gate and residential pickups and deliveries, guaranteed services, freeze protection, transit, bottom line costs.  LTL shipping rates are determined by weight, class, distance, and any additional services required to meet the shipper’s and delivery location’s needs. The LTL shipping option offers customers a more consolidated, cost-effective method of shipping goods than the FTL operator.

Strategic Business Tools that Save Money

To get the best win/win results from your LTL freight shipments, communication is vital.  We work as a liaison between you and the LTL carrier to best match the LTL carrier with the shipper’s need.  We offer strategic business tools to analyze historical freight shipping data and conduct a freight analysis in order for you to save the most amount of money on your LTL shipping costs.

While many people think of LTL as an option only when the delivery date is not an issue, if your small-sized shipments absolutely must arrive at a specific time, you do have the option to select guaranteed LTL service.