Full Truck Load

Our full truckload (FTL) services are available at competitive prices. We use modern equipment which allows us to save on gas. We offer a variety of available trucks while catering to all your needs, and we will customize our services to meet your logistic requirements and budget.

Flexibility in Truckload Shipping

FTL shipment is a shipment that contains enough product to fill a trailer. Shipments are devoted to an entire truck for one client or location. You get minimized loading and reloading. And you get more accuracy with your delivery time since there are no other stops along the way.

Don’t have a full truckload? When moving cargo, you may have encountered typical constraints such as maximum weight and volume.  You have a shipment that does not require a full 48 or 53 foot trailer. Thus, it is important to understand your option for partial truckload (PTL) shipments so you can make the best decisions on shipping. If you have a partial truckload, we provide you with the benefits of less handling and faster transit times for your cargo.

Carter’s PTL shipping option allows your freight to stay on one truck for the duration of the transit time. We know how costly it can be if your cargo gets damaged or lost. Your cargo is important to us. With PTL shipping, you get single truck delivery so there is no reloading and less handling. That means less time in transit for better on-time deliveries, minimal risk of damaged or lost cargo, and better savings in truckload shipping.

The Ideal Partial Truckload

Partial truckloads are ideal for low density cargo. For example, if you have a light freight it can take up a lot of space, causing LTL freight rates to be high. To help minimize costs and get your load shipped efficiently, Carter Logistics Services handles shipping of partial truckloads for at least 3,000 pounds, or 10 or more pallets. This allows us to keep your freight to one truckload so it does not have to be unloaded, sorted and then reloaded between the origin and destination. And it helps us improve your transit time.