An eCommerce Business Strategy that Saves You Time and Money

At Carter Logistics Services, we strive for excellence in transportation logistics. We are a fully licensed transportation broker providing logistics management solutions to schedule and track freight. Our business strategy uses modern communication technology between carriers and private fleets to minimize administration resources and streamline the shipping process. We help you save time and money. We are dedicated to making sure you get the best rates and outstanding freight shipping services, with the ease in using our logistics management technology.

Solutions that Get Your Freight from Point to Point

Carter Logistics Services understands the logistics of getting your freight shipments from your point of origin to destinations throughout the United States. A number of things can happen during the transportation process. You can trust our experience. When the unexpected happens, we have solutions. We get your freight shipments there in the most cost-effective, timely manner.

How is Carter Logistics Services different for freight shipping? 

Carter Logistics Services offers an ideal combination of customer service with solutions-based eCommerce technology so you can ship freight with confidence. Our technology is easy to use. It is dependable. When you are transporting freight with us, you get satisfaction and peace of mind with our real-time information for scheduling and tracking shipments.

Committed to Excellence in Everything We Do

Cater Logistics Services teams with reliable carriers who have reputations for excellence. These alliances allow us to get our client’s truckload shipments from your point of origin to destinations efficiently and effectively. We specialize in dry load trucking and team with courteous, safe drivers.

Continuing to Make History

Founded in 2008 as Southern Freight Transportation, Inc., our goal is to be the experts you trust in the transportation logistics industry.  We have changed our name to Carter Logistics services and are growing in order to maximize the efficiency while minimizing industry-wide service lapses.  The changes we have made will help us provide our customers with the absolute best service.

We realize to give you the best customer service so that you can depend on Carter Logistics Services, we needed to be at the forefront of technology.  Our eCommerce Solutions puts the power in your hands to book a load, track a load and so much more!  Whether you are a shipper or a carrier, communication is the key and with our eCommerce Solutions, your communication is quicker and easier.

 2008       Founded

 2014        Internal restructuring as Carter Logistics Services

 2018        Planned roll-out of online eCommerce system